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85 x Lenovo Thinkpads @ 115.- EUR per unit


23x T400 14" wide, C2D-T9400 2.53GHz, 2048-4096MB, 160GB, DVDRW, wifi, VB COA

24x T61   14" wide C2D T7300 2.0GHz, 2048-4096MB, 120GB, DVDRW, wifi, VB COA

15x X200 12.1" wide C2D-L9400 1.86GHz, 2048-8192MB, 160GB, VB COA, wifi, docking station

05x X60, 12" CoreDuo-T2400 1.83, 1024-2048MB, 80-120GB (1x HDD+tray missing) wifi, XPP COA docking station

08x X61S, 12" C2D-L7500 1.60, 20418MB, 120GB, wifi, VB COA, docking station 

08x Z61T 14" wide, CD-T2400 1.83 2048-3072MB, 80-120GB, DVDRW, XPP/VB COA

02x T40/43 14" Pentium-M 1.5/2.0 1024/2048MB, DVD, wifi, XPP/VB COA



53 units = grade A

21 units = grade B (5x used case, 16x bad battery)

11 units = grade C (8x battrey missing, 3x case problems, 1x used display)


Keyboard layout: german

Units are incl. battery (no warranty) and ac adapter

take all @ 9.775,00 EUR ONLY TAKE ALL

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