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EAN Code Product Unit/Size Units/Cs. Cs/Plt Pcs/plt Origin Status Euro
Gillette Mach 3 Series
7702018264230 Mach 3 - 4's 4 400 16 6400 EUROPE T2 3,95
7702018263783 Mach 3 - 8's 8 200 24 4800 EUROPE T2 7,95
3014260251147 Mach 3 Razor 1-up 1 36 55 1980 EUROPE T2 1,95
IGillette Fusion
7702018851324 Fusion Manual 8's 8 200 12 2400 EUROPE T2 12,10
IGillette Fusion Proglide
7702018263844 Fusion Proglide Manual 4's 4 200 18 3600 EUROPE T2 8,05
7702018263875 Fusion Proglide Manual 8's 8 200 18 3600 EUROPE T2 13,00
7702018355518 Fusion Proglide Flexball Razor 1 24 24 576 EUROPE T2 2,95
IGillette Fusion Proshield
7702018390069 Fusion Proshield Manual 4's 4 200 9 1800 EUROPE T2 7,95
7702018389285 Fusion Proshield Manual Razor 1UP 1 24 24 576 EUROPE T2 3,29
IGillette Sensor Excel
3014260144876 Sensor Excel 5's 5 400 12 4800 EUROPE T2 3,35
(Gillette Blue 3 Disposables
7702018949946 Blue 3 Disposable Razor 3's 3 12 75 900 EUROPE T2 1,15
7702018020294 Blue 3 Disposable Razor 6's 6 12 70 840 EUROPE T2 2,35
7702018945689 Blue 3 Disposable Razor 8's 8 20 84 1680 EUROPE T2 2,65
7702018061761 Blue 3 Disposable Razor Sensitive 12's 12 20 49 980 EUROPE T2 3,69


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·         SAMPLES : Samples will only be given on receipt of a provisional purchase order. This can state "subject to seeing samples" to which we will oblige. 


This is not include import costs

Additional information specific for this offer:
Currency: EUR  
Status: T2  
Leadtime (LEAD): 03-07 working days, subject to 3/4PL delays.
Incoterms: EXW Tilburg Warehouse (NL)
MOQ: 1 pallet  
Payment: Prepaid against invoice.  
Reference: April Gillette offers  

Sample can be arranged to you after price confirmation and receipt of buyer courier

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Inspection possible (only) by S.G.S. the cost of inspection is for the buyer.

Stock can be visited after a serious L.O.I. and 20% deposit paid and or a P.O.F.  (non-negotiable)

Payment with Western Union is possible.

Possible Subject to confirmation on Pro forma, after receipt of your P.O.

We require a 100% important letter of intent (L.O.I.) with company profile: trade register HRB; USt; VAT.-No. , to make sure that you actually want to buy the product(s).

Deposit is negotiable with a P.O.F. or inspection is done by S.G.S. the cost of inspection is for the buyer

For new clients these are not negotiable rules.

For regular customers other possibilities can be discussed.


Are you a broker then we can draw a FPA SMBV with each other and we can then do business with your end your buyer. It is also possible to make a Commission fee protection agreement.

It is forbidden to contact our sellers or suppliers directly (See our general terms and conditions).

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Prices is subject to change

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Offer from: 2018-04-04

Product code: 7355

Note: All offers subject to prior sale - first come-first served

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