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Beer offers

Kronenbourg 1664 25cl BLANC €14.92*

Kronenbourg 1664 25cl ROSE €14.92*

Kronenbourg 1664 25cl FRUIT €15.76*

Kronenbourg 1664 25cl GOLD €14.80*

Kronenbourg 1664 25cl BLOND €14.10*


Heineken 24x33cl bottleDutch €10.90*

Heineken 24x25cl bottleDutch €11.85*    *** CNF Asian Ports


Desperados 50cl can €12.70*

Desperados 33cl bottles €12.70*


Sol 33cl bottles €4.50*

Strongbow 33cl bottles mixed flavors €10.70*  

Grolsch 33cl €11.50*

Guinness FES 33cl  £11.90 GBP*

Magners Original 12/568/4.5 NRB  €11.50*


Corona 35.5cl – upon request / based on quantity 


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Offer from: 2017-07-07

Product code: 7101

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