Spirits - offer 21 -12 - 2017 - 01

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Spirits - offer  21 - 12 - 2017 - 01

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Jameson          6/70/40  NRF      Coded      20ft       2,000 cs      EX Top Logistics
Grey Goose     6/75/40                  Coded   40ft         3,100 cs         EX Top Logistics
Bombay Sapphire1    2/75/47       Coded     20ft        1,400 cs    EX Top Logistics
Johnnie Walker  Red     12/100/40    GBX    NRF    Coded    20ft   1,122 cs    EX Top Logistics
Johnnie Walker Black    12/100/40     GBX  REF    Coded    40ft    1,410 cs     EX Top Logistics
Johnnie Walker Black    12/75/40    GBX    NRF     Coded    20ft     1,050cs      EX Top Logistics

Jack Daniels (Australia Back Label)   12/70/40    REF    Coded  20ft    1,288cs   EX Top Logistic

Absolut Vodka              12/75/40    NRF                        Coded   20ft     1,200cs     EX Top Logistics

Kahlua                     12/70/20       Coded                20ft                         1,000cs   EX Top Logistics  

  Cointreau              12/70/40        Coded              20ft                          1,300cs      EX Top Logistics

Johnie Walker Black (Australia Back Label)   12/70/40   GBX   REF    Coded   20ft     1,050cs     EX Top Logistics 


Ex 2,5 % commission


Subject confirmation on Pro forma, after receipt of your P.O.

Payment terms are:  100% BL.

Payment escrow is negotiable

(Cost Escrow is for the buyer).

This is not include import costs

It is forbidden to contact our sellers or suppliers directly (See our general terms and conditions).

Price is/can by sensitive to exchange rate

No rights are given to an image

Prices is subject to change

Changes and errors reserved.

Offer from: 2017-12-21

Product code: 7266

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