Boosting employee morale: our 5 top tips 

In case no one has told you, the last few years have been pretty tough on all of us. Between multiple lockdowns, crazy governments, and the winter weather, you shouldn’t be surprised if your employees have a case of the blues. 

The problem is that this can cause poor morale, which will impact the productivity and performance of your business. So if you’re looking for ways to boost employee morale in your office, you’ve come to the right place! 

Here are our top 5 tips for boosting employee morale. 

  1. Provide a Clean and Safe Workspace

If you can provide a workplace that is both safe and clean, this will help to lift the spirits of your employees! How can you do this? By hiring a London facilities management company. Through their range of services, you can ensure that your space is as clean and safe as possible. 

Whether you’re after greater cleanliness, greater security, or both – a London facilities management company can help! 

  1. Get People Together

Giving your employees the chance to unwind and let their hair down is an excellent way to boost morale! After all, who doesn’t love to have a little fun? You could do this by throwing a staff party for an occasion, or simply after a particularly high performing period. 

You could also host a group staff lunch, breakfast, or even a company quiz – don’t be afraid to get creative! 

  1. Offer Bonuses and Incentives

Offering your employees a little something extra for their hard work is sure to boost anyone’s spirits! How you reward your staff is up to you, but here are some suggestions; 

– If you haven’t done so, setting achievable targets with clear rewards can be very motivating. Furthermore, we all get a kick when we get an extra bonus or surprise. 

– If you don’t want to make these bonuses directly tied to performance, then food is the way to go. You could surprise your staff with Pizza on a Friday or have a coffee van arrive on a Monday morning with subsidised drinks. 

– For regular incentives, you could invest in an employee perks scheme. There are websites that will offer your staff exclusive perks and discounts! 

  1. Make an Effort to Recognise your Staff

We all love it when our efforts are appreciated, so make an effort to do this for your staff! The easiest way to do this is through a recognition scheme. You don’t have to go as far as putting someone’s picture on the wall, but you can do small things like giving people a half-day or taking them out to lunch to say thank you.

  1. Puppy Love

Puppies can cheer anyone up – so why not bring some into the office? There are plenty of services that will bring some cute furry friends to spend some time in your office! 


If you to boost morale, simply implement the strategies in this article and you’ll see more smiles around the office in no time! 


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