Spirits - offer 20-01-2019

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Product Code: 9181
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Spirits - offer 20-01-2019


Hennessy Paradis Extra Rare 3x700ml/40%/GBX/REF/Coded @ USD2250/cs

Hennessy VSOP 6x700ml/40%/GBX/REF/Coded @USD 250

Hennessy XO 6x700ml/40%/GBX/REF/Coded @ USD 870/cs

Martell Cordon Bleu 6x700ml/40%/GBX/REF/Coded @ USD 1350/cs

MARTELL VSOP 6X700ML/40%/GBX/REF/Coded @ USD 192/cs

MARTELL XO 12X700ML/40%/GBX/REF/Coded @USD 1430/cs

Jack Daniels 12x700ml/40%/GBX/REF/Coded @USD 132/cs

Glenlivet Founders Reserve Single Malt 12x750ml/40%/GBX/REF/Coded @ USD 200/cs

J/Walker Black 12x700ml/40%/GBX/REF/Coded @ USD 155/cs

Grants Scotch with Bonus Glass 12x1000ml/40%/GBX/REF/Coded @ USD 53/cs

Glenlivet Founders Res Single Malt 12x1000ml/40%/GBX/REF/Coded @ USD 235/cs


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Offer from: 2019-01-20

Product code: 9181

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