Your Complete Guide to Managing a Cryptocurrency Portfolio

The current global business climate is trending more and more towards diversified portfolios. From the top of the 1 percent to the average income earner and from the world’s wealthiest nations to developing countries, having multiple sources of revenue is increasingly crucial to surviving is key. Diversifying across all assets; properties, passive income, and cryptocurrency is a wise business move.

Why Choose Cryptocurrencies ?

Cryptocurrency has established itself as a popular financial instrument that doesn’t follow the same rules as traditional markets. With more structure, growing support from governments and corporations alike, and ever-increasing total market capitalization, the success of crypto some have been predicting for years is transitioning into an ideal reality.

If you’re considering a foray into the playing field, here’s some useful crypto currency information to keep in mind.

Be Prepared to Lose on Some or All Your Investment

Due to its volatile and unpredictable nature, cryptocurrency is inherently a high-risk asset. As most crypto coins are utility tokens, their value relies mainly on how many users are using them and how active the users are. Coupled with the fact that there are thousands of cryptocurrencies out there with new ones coming to the market seemingly every day, crypto is indeed volatile. Just as you can become a millionaire with cryptocurrencies, you can lose all your money.

Do Not Invest a Large Amount of Your Investment Portfolio into the Crypto Market

A good starting maximum point is usually no more than five percent of your portfolio. Whether it’s allocated to bitcoin, or it is being spread out among different cryptocurrencies as well, the overall investment should not exceed 5 percent of your portfolio as a beginner. Investing in Bitcoin and another crypto is the same as making any investment. So, extensive research is advised and personal risk preferences are to be taken into consideration.

Rebalance Assets Regularly

As cryptocurrency prices fluctuate rapidly and widely, a sudden spike could result in a great increase in the value of an investment. Just as would happen with any asset in an overall portfolio, it is a good idea to sell some of the earnings and then invest in other assets to avoid concentration risk. This is made easier when there is a planned target asset allocation in the portfolio.

Do Not Borrow Funds to Use in Investing

The practice of borrowing money to invest is known as leverage. Leverage is a high-risk, unsafe practice that may sporadically magnify returns, but more often than not causes great losses. Using leverage to diversify assets increases risks to a portfolio and negates the purpose of diversifying, which is to spread out liabilities and reduce risk.

Practice Dollar Cost on Crypto Investments

Dollar-cost averaging is an investment strategy in which the asset is purchased in installments instead of all at once. The goal is to reduce the impact of the asset’s volatility on investments. On assets as volatile as crypto, this practice is crucial. The practice of spreading investments in monthly installments rather than occasional bulk purchases.

Cryptocurrency has established itself to be a good but high-risk investment in the global financial space. Making informed investments in cryptocurrencies is a must for portfolio holders.


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